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Heart Healthy Recipes, Issue #047 - No-Bake Energy Bites, Low-Fat Corned Beef & Green Smoothies
March 13, 2021

Welcome to Heart Healthy Recipes' Newsletter.

With Spring and St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, we are featuring heart-healthy green recipes, both in the color of green and also green in healthier ways too. So in order to celebrate, in this month's issue, we are highlighting no-bake vanilla matcha protein energy bites, low-fat corned beef and cabbage, along with heart-healthy tropical green smoothies.

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No-Bake Protein Energy Bites

No-bake, gluten-free, protein energy bites are a heart-healthy St. Patrick’s Day treat with cholesterol lowering rolled oats. Also, the antioxidant-rich matcha green tea is very beneficial to the heart by regulating blood pressure, aiding in cell protection and repair. In addition, this green tea may contribute to weight-loss and an over-all calming effect.

Recipe Ingredients:

1 cup almond flour

½ cup rolled oats

½ cup or 3 scoops (60 grams) *Nutrimeal vanilla protein powder

2–3 tablespoons matcha green tea powder

1 cup almond butter

½ teaspoon vanilla extract

¼ teaspoon mint extract

¼ cup maple syrup

Recipe Instructions:

In a large bowl combine the almond flour, rolled oats, vanilla protein powder and almost all of the matcha green tea powder, setting some powder aside for coating each “bite” when finished. Next, add the almond butter, vanilla extract, mint, and maple syrup. Stir, mixing well, then roll into “bite” sized rounds. Coat each of the “bites” with extra green tea powder and vanilla protein powder if desired. May be stored in a covered container in the refrigerator or freezer to maintain freshness.

Tip: If the batter is too dry, may add more maple syrup or almond butter.

Makes approximately 24-30 protein energy bites.

Low-Fat Corned Beef Cabbage

Low-fat, slow cooker corned beef and cabbage made with heart-healthy onions, carrots, parsnips - instead of potatoes, along with cabbage and fresh parsley. The corned beef is also made healthier by trimming off all the fat as well.

Recipe Ingredients:

2 lbs. lean corned beef brisket, all fat trimmed off

1 cup frozen pearl onions

2 medium carrots, peeled and diced

2 medium parsnips, peeled and diced

¼ cup fresh parsley, chopped

2 bay leaves

¼ teaspoon whole peppercorns

3 cups water

1 small cabbage, cut into chunks

Recipe Instructions:

In a large slow cooker (5-6 quart), place corned beef brisket, pearl onions, carrots, parsnips, parsley, bay leaves, peppercorns and 3 cups of water. Cover and cook on high for approximately four hours. Next, add cabbage, cooking on high for another one hour and 20 minutes more. Remove meat from slow cooker and slice. Serve with the cabbage and other veggies.

Makes 6 servings.

Tropical Green Smoothies

Pineapple and mangoes help make this a refreshing, tropical tasting smoothie, along with heart-healthy omega-rich avocado. The pineapples contain an important enzyme called bromelain which may help prevent and ease inflammation. Prolonged inflammation has been shown to cause disease, including heart disease. Also, the antioxidants in the green tea help benefit the heart. In addition, the fiber-rich flaxseed, avocado and Chia seeds add healthy fats, along with weight-loss benefits.

Recipe Ingredients:

2 cups frozen pineapple chunks

1 cup frozen mango chunks

1 medium ripe avocado, peeled and pitted

2 inch knob of ginger, peeled and grated

4 cups organic spinach

2 cups unsweetened almond milk

1 tablespoon flaxseed

½ cup or 3 scoops (60 grams) *Nutrimeal vanilla protein powder

2 tablespoons matcha green tea powder

2 tablespoons Chia seeds

Recipe Instructions:

Add all the ingredients in a large, high-powered blender and blend on high for 1-2 minutes or until all ingredients are well combined. If needed, add more of the almond milk to thin the smoothie and blend again.

Makes 2 servings.

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