CoQ10 Information for a Healthy Heart:

The human heart pumps blood approximately 100,000 times per day and CoQ10 is a necessary nutrient to help assist this process.

CoQ10 is found in almost every living cell of the human body and has especially high concentrations in the heart.

Also, CoQ10 is a fat-soluble, vitamin-like substance that helps convert food into energy and is a powerful antioxidant that protects against damage from toxic free radicals.

Heart Healthy Recipes provides CoQ10 information to help protect, prevent, slow-down and even reverse heart disease.

More CoQ10 information becoming available from recent studies show that CoQ10 may significantly increase HDL-C and ApoA1 levels, even in people taking statins.  By increasing the levels of HDL-C and ApoA1, inflammation decreases and production of anti-inflammatory effects increase.  It has been proven that less inflammation in the body helps to resist diseases, including the resistance of cardiovascular disease.   

Recent CoQ10 informational studies show also that CoQ10 decreases in the body as people age and it may be wise to supplement.  The following is provided as a guide, but as always it is wise to consult with your physician first and preferably a physician who is familiar with and supportive of nutritional supplementation.

Suggested Daily Amount of CoQ10:

Recommended dose for heart health prevention is approximately 30 – 60 mg daily. The dose for maximum heart health is 90 mg daily for ages 30 to 50 years old; and approximately 180 mg daily for slowing-down and reversing heart disease.  The dose of 180 mg is also wise if a person’s age is 50 years or more.

Benefits of CoQ10 Enhanced with Alpha-Lipoic Acid:

We need CoQ10 to make the energy that powers our cells.  In order to do this, CoQ10 needs to be absorbed properly.  Because it’s fat soluble, the benefits of taking CoQ10 with a small amount of heart healthy oils such as grape seed oil, olive oil, flaxseed oil, flaxseeds or walnuts will help to enhance the absorption of CoQ10.  By enhancing the absorption of this amazing nutrient it releases more of its energy boosting power that is needed to make energy in all human cells.  Also, to help boost intake of CoQ10, include the energy-boosting anti-oxidant alpha-lipoic acid.  Alpha-lipoic acid is made by our bodies, but sometimes not enough, so adding it in supplement form maybe recommended.

Medical Disclaimer: website offers informational service only and the information contained in this website is not intended as professional medical advice.  The content in this website should not be used solely during a medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of  any medical condition.  Please consult your doctor or other qualified health care provider regarding any course of medical treatment

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