Homemade Heart Healthy Recipes

Nutritious, heart healthy blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.

Looking for attractive, delicious, homemade heart healthy recipes that support good overall health and nutrition? Discover here many free recipes that are low in salt, refined sugars, unhealthy fats, and cholesterol.

Heart Healthy Recipes desires to encourage a diet that may help contribute to healthier living, including a healthy heart, along with supporting a heart healthy diet. When people consume too much sodium and refined sugars, or eat foods high in unhealthy fats, there is an increased risk of heart disease, along with cancer and stroke, some of the leading causes of death.  

Round designed cheesecake serving topped with fresh blueberries and mint.

Eating a nutritious, healthy diet is also a proven way to reduce the risk for many heart problems and on this website the elements of a heart healthy diet are presented.

These homemade heart healthy recipes, that taste simply scrumptious, include beverage and dessert recipes such as lemon cheesecake, fudge-like chocolate cake and strawberry smoothies. The recipes are all very low in unwanted fats and refined sugars; yet very tasty and satisfying due to being sweetened with all natural ingredients of berries and more.

Strawberry smoothies with slices of strawberry as garnish, along with cut and whole strawberries in background.

Enjoy heart healthy smoothies of strawberries, mangos, along with apple-cinnamon. The natural ingredients in these smoothie recipes may have many health benefits. Some of these benefits may include lower cholesterol and blood pressure, along with helping to control weight and helping to reduce inflammation. Studies have shown that if there is prolonged inflammation, it may lead to serious diseases, such as heart disease.

Apple cinnamon smoothie surrounded by cinnamon sticks along with whole apples and oats in the background.

The high antioxidant-rich apples in our Apple-Cinnamon Smoothie may also help assist in weight-loss with the high fiber content making a person feel fuller. Also, according to some studies, the protective antioxidants in apples not only help the heart but may help other health concerns as well.  The immune boosting apples may help the body fight against diseases such as cancer, diabetes, asthma, and pulmonary function.

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Heart Healthy Seafood

Our seafood category contains some of the most heart healthy foods such as salmon, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids may help improve irregular heartbeats and more. Also, most fish contain the highest 

Salmon fillet on serving plate topped with sauce and basil garnish.

natural source of the wonder nutrient called CoQ10. Discover more natural food sources of CoQ10 and how CoQ10 can improve the function of your heart. 

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Uncover the heart health benefits of ingredients like olive oil, an important component of the Mediterranean diet, found in the classic Greek Salad.

Greek salad on plate with black olives, green bell pepper slices, radish slices, tomatoes and cucumber slices.

The fiber content in our salads featured on this site may help lower high cholesterol. High cholesterol has been connected to heart disease.

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Other cholesterol lowering recipes include our sweet carrot dish, containing the orange-juice sweetened taste of carrots

Cooked carrot slices in serving bowl, garnished with parsley.

in our vegetables category. Also, featured are our high-fiber, zero cholesterol green beans with pine nuts recipe. Both these vegetable side dishes are low in unhealthy fats being prepared with heart healthy olive oil.

Green beans on serving plate with pine nuts, lemon and green onions.

Grapeseed oil is another heart-healthy oil in our lemon-lavender dressing, drizzled over asparagus. Perfect spring side dish for Easter or Mother's Day.

Asparagus on serving plate with lemon-lavender dressing.

While our homemade heart healthy recipes' Bean & Legumes and Rice & Grains categories feature low salt, low sodium recipes as well. These recipes include the gluten-free quinoa dishes that are rich in flavor, high in protein, yet very low glycemic. In the dressings and sauces - delicious recipes can be found such as our honey poppy seed dressing. 

Close-up picture of stuffed mushroom with green peas and rosemary sprig.

Also, discover hearty and healthy low-fat recipes included in the meats and poultry sections with entrées such as Rosemary Lamb Shish Kabobs to Chicken Valencia. The energy-giving pasta recipes include healthy shrimp noodles

Cooked spaghetti noodles on serving plate with roasted tomatoes and chopped basil, garnished with basil.

as an entrée. The super herb basil promotes cardiovascular health and well-being in our Tomato Basil Pasta, while the garlic in this recipe assists the heart by reducing and controlling blood pressure; along with lowering cholesterol.

In our appetizers, soups, breads and pizza categories you will find attractive dishes to serve while entertaining

Butternut squash soup in serving bowl garnished with parsley.

guests ranging from Stuffed Mediterranean Bell Peppers to Olive-Basil Focaccia. Also, our butternut squash soup is a smart, heart healthy choice bringing a mildly sweet tasting flavor to the menu.

Focaccia bread on cutting board, topped with sliced black olives, garnished with basil sprig. Bunch of thyme next to bread.

Medical/Nutritional Disclaimer: HeartHealthyRecipes.com website offers informational service only and the information contained in this website is not intended as professional nutritional or medical advice. The content in this website should not be used solely during a medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. Please consult your doctor or other qualified health care provider regarding any course of medical treatment.

Appetizer Recipes
Enjoy and entertain with heart healthy appetizer recipes that range from stuffed Mediterranean Bell Peppers to Greek Hummus Dip.
Soup Recipes
Heart warming and healthy soup recipes for everyone to enjoy from Vegetable Soup, Greek lentil Soup to no-cook Sweet-Dill Cucumber Soup.
Salad Recipes
heart-healthy salad recipes include a Mediterranean Greek salad with the vegetable medley of cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, onions then drizzled with olive oil.
Dressings and Sauces
Healthy Honey-Poppy-Seed Dressing is featured with the sweet honey, lemony "zip" to flavor all your favorite salads and dishes.
Heart healthy lunch or dinner pastas include the delicious seafood taste of Shrimp Noodles.
Bean and Legumes
Hearty, healthy vegetarian bean and legume recipes including an attractive bean salad for entertaining guests, along with hearty Garbanzo Bean Chili.
Rice and Grains
Our heart-healthy, low-sodium Rice and Grains category of recipes include gluten-free side-dishes. The recipes are high in protein, yet low on the glycaemic index.
Seafood Recipes
Heart healthy seafood recipes with the likes of salmon, salmon being rich in omega-3 fatty acids and CoQ10, an ingredient shown to significantly improve heart function.
Meat and Poultry Recipes
Heart healthy Meat and Poultry recipes include Valencia-Orange Chicken, Rosemary Lamb Shish Kabobs and Low-salt Chicken Pineapple.
Vegetable Recipes
Heart healthy vegetable recipes include the cholesterol lowering recipes of orange-juice sweetened, tasty carrots and the super food of broccoli with pine nuts.
Breads-Muffins and Pizza Recipes
Heart healthy Breads-Muffins and Pizza Recipes include Olive-Basil Focaccia bread; crowd pleasing pizza and breakfast muffins of tasty blueberries and sweet 'n spicy carrots.
Low sugar, heart healthy delicious desserts include mouth-watering low fat chocolate cake and blueberry cheesecake; along with the homemade country-taste of oven-warmed sugar-free apple pie.
Refreshing, satisfying drinks including heart healthy strawberry and banana smoothies.
Heart Healthy Diet
Heart Healthy Recipes offers a heart healthy diet plan that is quick and easy to follow to aid in the goal of a healthier life through a wide variety of food choices.
Heart Healthy Foods
List of heart healthy foods to help guide and inform on the journey to better heart health. Several healthy foods included on this list are strawberries, grapes, oranges, lemons, mushrooms, garlic, salmon, pomegranates, dark chocolate, and more.
Heart Healthy Meals
Heart Healthy Meals start here with HeartHealthyRecipes.com. Heart Healthy Recipes offers quick and easy menu planning with following 7-Day Menu Plan.
Heart Healthy Living
Embracing a heart healthy lifestyle may help change the course for better in the natural progression of potential heart problems. The inclusion of heart healthy living can benefit any age even into the later years of life.
Women's Heart Health
Women's heart health is important to pay attention to and there is hope to prevent, slow down and reverse some heart issues.
Men's Heart Health
Helpful guidance for men’s heart health including foods, herbs, and other nutritional resources to help heal, repair, strengthen, and maintain heart health.
Healing for the Heart
Solutions that may assist healing for the heart include one of the purest, gentlest resources for health - essential oils.
Healing Supplements
Healing supplements of Omega-3, CoQ10, Grape Seed Extract, along with vitamin D, have been shown to have positive health benefits, especially for the heart.
Mediterranean Diet
The Mediterranean diet is one of the heart-healthiest ways to eat. Abundant in plant-based foods including fruits, vegetables, and grains. The diet includes poultry and fish, along with healthy fats such as olive oil.
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