Dressings & Sauces

Pomegranate Relish

Decorate your holiday table with this colorful, heart-healthy pomegranate relish.  This simple, quick, low-sodium, no-cook recipe can also be make several days in advance since it stores well in the refrigerator.  Click Here for Recipe

Honey Poppy-Seed Dressing

This Honey Poppy Seed Dressing contains lemon juice and skins, making a delicious heart healthy recipe. The lemons provide rich antioxidants helping to deactivate free radicals which can lead to stroke and cardiovascular diseases. In addition, the vitamins in lemons help strengthen the blood vessels. Lemons also help lower blood pressure and increases the levels of good cholesterol (HDL). Click Here for Recipe

Mint Radish Sauce

Heart healthy recipes include this zesty, mint radish sauce – which is very versatile and a healthy complement to many foods including a spicy sauce for lamb or beef. Utilize this yummy yogurt sauce as a dip for heart healthy entertaining when serving with raw veggies – such as beets or carrots. This sauce is also great as a salad dressing over favorite greens. Nutritionally, radishes help the heart by lowering cholesterol levels, regulating blood pressure and providing general health benefits of vitamin C, folic acid and potassium. Radishes, being very high in fiber help in weight loss – which assists in overall health including the heart. Click Here for Recipe

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Sweet strawberries that contain powerful anti-oxidants help make smoothies heart-healthy.