Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake

Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake wedge with mint garnish.

A heart healthy, delicious cheesecake consisting of nutritious oats and almonds for the crust and a light, very satisfying, luscious lemon filling. The lemons and blueberries in this dessert recipe are a full of bioflavonoids that help strengthen blood vessels which improve circulation throughout the body. The Ricotta cheese contributes to a heart healthy ingredient as it is much lower in saturated fat and salt than many other cheeses, also it is an excellent source of calcium. Click Here for Recipe

Blueberry Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Dairy-Free Blueberry Ice Cream

Frozen dessert of egg-free, dairy-free ice cream flavored with heart healthy blueberries. Click Here for Recipe

Mango Cobbler Pie

Close-up of mango cobbler dessert on serving dish.

Great for entertaining, delicious mango cobbler pie is a culinary delight for the eyes, tummy and heart.  Mangoes are considered heart healthy due to their high fiber and potassium.  The mango fruit contains vitamin C and pectin which helps assist in lowering serum cholesterol levels. Also, mangoes are a great source of vitamin-B6 (pyridoxine) helping to control homocysteine levels within the blood.  If homocysteine levels are too high, damage can occur to blood vessels resulting in a possible stroke. Click Here for Recipe

Prune Sauce Topped Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake topped with prune sauce, sliced strawberries and garnished with mint sprig.

This tempting dessert is very healthy as well as delicious due to the many benefits of chocolate and prune sauce. Click Here for Recipe

Whole blueberry pie topped with mint sprig and assortment of berries in the background.

Blueberry Pie

Blueberries in this pie are full of nutrients good for the heart. Berries, especially blueberries are considered to be a "superfood" for health. This heart healthy dessert pie which is also very eye-pleasing is low in sugars, being naturally sweetened with grape juice - also great for the heart. Click Here for Recipe

Raspberry Popsicles

Two raspberry popsicles with several individual raspberries in foreground and more raspberries in background.

These cool and refreshing raspberry popsicles are quick and fun to make requiring only five ingredients.  Also, raspberries are loaded with heart-healthy antioxidants and studies have shown these antioxidants help reduce inflammation and oxidation. (1)  Click Here for Recipe

Ice Cream Yogurt Maker

Enjoy your favorite homemade frozen desserts with the fully automatic Cuisinart® Pure Indulgence™ ice cream yogurt maker.

Yogurt ice cream maker in kitchen.

Makes 2 quarts of your favorite frozen desserts including ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt and more using heart-healthy ingredients of your choice. An integrated motor, double-insulated freezer bowl and automatic mixer do all the work. For more information, please visit our store at Home Haven Décor.

Cinnamon Bars

Cinnamon bar with walnuts and more cinnamon bars in background.

The heart-healthy chickpea and cinnamon in these tasty dessert bars have been shown to regulate blood sugar levels and help prevent heart disease according to several studies.  The walnuts and almonds are beneficial to the heart with the important nutrient of Omega-3s.  In addition, the rolled oats in this recipe may help reduce cholesterol.  Click Here for Recipe

Chocolate Covered Raspberries

Chocolate covered raspberries

Chocolate covered raspberries made with heart-healthy dark chocolate, chocolate containing 90% or more of cocoa, and antioxidant-rich raspberries are a delicious treat - great for many occasions, including Valentine's Day and Christmas.  Click Here for Recipe

No-Bake Strawberry Pie

No-bake strawberry pie topped with individual mint leaves.

Low-sugar, no-bake strawberry pie is also heart-healthy with antioxidant-rich strawberries and topped with refreshing mint leaves.  The gluten-free pie crust consists of chopped almonds and Medjool dates.  Click Here for Recipe

zChocolat - Healthier Chocolate 

World Best Chocolates

No-Sugar Apple Pie

Close-up of apple pie with cinnamon sticks in foreground and bunch of apples and whole pie in background.

The heart healthy benefits of this dessert are the apples which give it a rich source of flavonoid and polyphenols that are powerful antioxidants. Apples contain large amounts of minerals and vitamins that help strengthen the blood and also help lower cholesterol. Eating apples in any form at least once a day for a whole year have been shown to promote weight loss and lower heart disease markers. Apples are also a good source of the immune-boosting vitamin C (providing 14 percent of the daily value). More studies have shown that by eating 100g of apple can give an antioxidant effect that equals taking about 1,500mg of vitamin C. This no-sugar apple pie will help satisfy your hunger with fewer calories, while melting in your mouth with just the right combination of cinnamon and apples. Click Here for Recipe

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Egg-Free Pumkin Pie

Egg-free pumpkin pie with cinnamon sticks.

This egg-free pumpkin pie that is low in sugar is surprisingly delicious. It is sure to please for any dinner occasion, including Thanksgiving and other holiday entertaining where there may be food allergies present. Topped with a dollop of low-fat, lightly honey-sweetened whipped cream, it is the perfect finishing touch. Click Here for Recipe

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