Rice and Grains

Carrot Quinoa Pilaf

The blend of carrots, poppy seeds, along with other veggies make for a very heart healthy carrot quiona pilaf dish that can be a great side dish or light snack. Click Here for Recipe

Almond Orange Quinoa

This heart healthy quinoa recipe is full of protein, essential to the building and repair of heart muscle tissue. Along with protein, quinoa is high in vitamins and minerals, while low in fat and calories.

Quinoa is a satisfying, low-cholesterol source of complex carbohydrates and its heart healthy polyunsaturated fats provide long-lasting energy. This ancient grain, in the rice and grains category, offers yet another way to provide cardiovascular health by being a great source of magnesium - a mineral that helps relax blood vessels. Low levels of magnesium are shown to increase rates of hypertension, heart disease and arrhythmias.
Click Here for Recipe

Roasted Vegetable Rice Pilaf

The rice in the Roasted Vegetable Rice Pilaf dish helps reduce high blood pressure and reduces bad cholesterol. The outer layer, the bran, in brown rice contains oil that actually helps lower bad cholesterol (LDL). Rice is also cholesterol free and low in sodium while having a calming and soothing effect known for centuries. The veggies - red peppers, zucchini, tomatoes and olives each offer their valuable heart healthy nutrition with delicious taste. The red peppers are very high in vitamin C, offering much needed antioxidants for healthy heart functioning. Zucchinis also offer this nutri- ent, vitamin C along with low calories. The olives add the finishing flavour touches along with polyphenols, or flavonoids, which are antioxidants that help prevent the oxidation of lipoproteins that helps prevent cholesterol deposits in the blood vessels – thus reducing the risk of heart and blood vessel disorders. Click Here for Recipe

Black Bean Quinoa

This low fat, heart healthy Black Bean Quinoa recipe is high in vitamins and minerals. Quinoa is also a low cholesterol complex carbohydrate with heart-healthy polyunsaturated fats providing long-lasting energy. This wonderful seed is very high in protein and amino acids - including lysine, which is very crucial for repairing tissues in the body. Another benefit of quinoa is the rich amount of iron, calcium, potassium, copper and potassium - helping prevent heart disease. Click Here for Recipe

Cheesy Walnut Spelt Dish

Heart healthy yet simple and easy, this cheesy walnut spelt dish has a sweet crunchy, nutty appeal with the feta cheese adding just the right tangy flavor. Spelt is especially heart healthy by containing high amounts of niacin. Niacin has been proven to reduce total cholesterol levels and reduce formation of blood clots. Spelt is so nutritious that boiled spelt has once been utilized to revitalize the sick. The walnuts in this recipe also contribute significantly to heart health by lowering LDL cholesterol. Walnuts reduce the risk of heart disease by improving blood vessel elasticity and plaque build up in the arteries.
Click Here for Recipe

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Sweet strawberries that contain powerful anti-oxidants help make smoothies heart-healthy. Click Here, for recipe.


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